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What is it like to volunteer with LVCA?

As a family we moved to Telford to enjoy all the town has to offer. We were new to Lawley and wanted to get involved with the new community. I volunteered my services to the LVCA as I have always got involved with community activities. Volunteering gave me a greater understanding of the history of this new development and therefore a desire to help the community grow in the future.

LVCA has evolved over the last year or so, and it is a pleasure to be apart of it. Our first events took place over the Christmas period in the form of a carol concert in Lawley Square and a charity quiz night at the Grazing Cow. Amidst all of the uncertainty of the pandemic, it was great to see so many people from the community enjoying themselves over the festive period and raising over £550 for the AMMF charity at the quiz night.

The success of these events has fuelled my belief that LVCA can hold more of these events in the future. However, to do this, we need more volunteers. Can you spare a couple of hours a month? Do you like organising events and activities? Do you want to meet some new people? If the answer to those questions is Yes, then why not join us at one of our upcoming community meetings and get involved? I can honestly say that I have enjoyed meeting my fellow neighbours and have made new friends along the way.

If you would like any further information then get in touch.

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