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Become A Lawley Legend

Lawley Community Association relies on volunteers to organise activities and events in Lawley. In our eyes our volunteers are 'Lawley Legends', and we are always looking to grow the team and we would love you to join us. The amount of time you can offer is up to you, we are grateful of any amount of time you could offer.

Here are some of the volunteer roles that may interest you:

  • Administration

    • This may include general administration tasks such as preparing promotional material, social media posts or mailshot materials when preparing for an event. You may have experience applying for grants and could help with future applications.​

  • Collection box coordinator

    • Represent LCA in developing relationships with local shops and businesses and persuade them to host our collection buckets and arrange bag packing fund raising events. 

  • Events

    • Help out at events such as open days, celebrations and fundraising activities.  You may help with the LCA stall, distribute leaflets, help the Lawley Mascot, collection buckets and advise/guide event attendees. 

  • Marketing and Promotion

    • Distribute leaflets or newsletters, gathering research online or on foot, working cross generationally with older or younger residents in our community, such as reading at the residential homes, teaching knitting/crocheting, gardening or upcycling and organising litter picks etc. 

  • Youth Activities

    • To represent the youth of Lawley and have a voice within the community, volunteering to assist at events, fundraising etc.  Working alongside Lawley Legends age 13 to 17 years. 

By signing up to volunteer with us, you will be supported by an existing Lawley Legend. As we work with other organisations around Lawley such and BVT, Lawley and Overdale Parish Council and Lawley Partnership Board, we regularly support their events and hope you will too.

Can you spare some time to volunteer?

Get in touch and become a Lawley Legend today.

What areas would you be interested in helping with?
Can we let other organisations in Lawley know you have become a Lawley Legend?

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